URL Tags

The URL Tag is a specialized version of the Text Tag that only accepts URLs as user input. They can be either optional (url) or required (url*).


  • id:id – adds the id attribute to the tag
  • class:class – adds a class to the tag. More than one class can be added by using more than one “class:class” entries within the tag.
  • minlength:integer – sets the minimum number of characters of user input allowed
  • maxlength:integer – sets the maximum character length of user input allowed
  • size:integer – sets the size of the input field created
  • aksimet:author_url – see Using Akismet for more information
  • placeholder – adds Placeholder Text to the tag
  • default:user_url – See Set Default Values


You can set a default value for a URL Tag by adding the value to the tag.


[url your-url "https://somedomain.com"]

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