Text Area Tags

The Text Area Tag accepts multi-line user input. It can be either optional (textarea) or required (textarea*).


  • id:id – adds the id attribute to the tag
  • class:class – adds a class attribute to the tag
  • minlength:integer – sets the minimum character length for user input
  • maxlength:integer – sets the maximum character length for user input
  • colsxrows – sets the width cols and height rows of the textarea. Either cols or rows can be omitted, but the “x” must be included.
  • placeholder – adds Placeholder Text to the textarea


The value of a Text Area Tag will be used as the default content of the text area. It is optional, and can be set in either of two ways:

[textarea my-message "The default value goes here."]


[textarea my-message]
The default value goes here.
This method allows you to set a multi-line default value.

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