Acceptance Tags

An Acceptance Tag is a simple checkbox you can use to confirm the user’s consent for a specified condition.

To add an Acceptance Tag to your contact form, click the “acceptance” toolbar button on the Form Tab of the Edit Contact Form while editing a contact form. Fill out the “condition” text box to include a statement following the checkbox.

An Acceptance Tag looks like this:

[acceptance acceptance-499 optional] I consent to the terms stated. [/acceptance]

Unlike other Form Tags, the Acceptance Tag will include a closing tag if you fill out the “condition” text box:


The content you put between the opening and closing Acceptance tags will be the statement that appears following the Acceptance checkbox in your contact form.

An Acceptance Tag is required by default, so there is no need to add an asterisk after the type as with other tags.

You can make the Acceptance Tag optional by checking the “Make this checkbox optional” checkbox when you add the Acceptance Tag.


  • id:id – adds an id attribute to the input HTML tag
  • class:class – adds a class attribute to the input HTML tag
  • optional – makes the Acceptance Tag optional
  • invert – allows the form to be submitted only if the user un-checks the Acceptance checkbox
  • default:on – makes the checkbox selected by default

Additional Settings

By default the Acceptance Tag is validated after all other form validation.

If you want the Acceptance Tag to be validated with the rest of the form, add the following on the Additional Settings tab of the Edit Contact Form page:

acceptance_as_validation: on