Contact Form Redux tags are square-bracket-enclosed strings that you can use to create contact forms (Form Tags) and the email sent by a contact form (Mail Tags).

There are also Special Mail Tags, which have no corresponding Form Tag, and are used to include information other than that submitted in the form.

Form Tags

Form Tags are used on the Form Tab of the Edit Contact Form page of Contact Form Redux in WordPress admin.

Form Tags are replaced by the corresponding HTML input type on the front end of your site.

The syntax of a Form Tag includes the following four parts, each of which must be used in order:

  • type
  • name
  • options (optional)
  • value


The type determines what type of HTML input field will be created by Contact Form Redux. An asterisk (*) following the type makes the field required.


The name of a Form Tag identifies that field.


Options are, well, optional, and can be used to set CSS classes and the behavior of the tag.


The value is usually used to specify the default value of a tag; however, for some tags, like the Select tag, they are used to create the options for the drop-down menu created.

Mail Tags

Mail Tags are used on the Mail Tab of the Edit Contact Form page, and determine the information included in the email that is sent when the contact form is submitted.

The format of Mail Tags is different than Form Tags, and includes only the name of the tag.

Form example, if you have a required text Form Tag called “your-name” like this:

[text* your-name]

The corresponding Mail Tag used on the Mail Tab would be:


As a result, the value of the field “your-name” would be included in the email.

More Information

For details on usage of individual tags, please see the articles below: